Monday, August 16, 2010

Edmonds Mural Society: "A Moment in Time" - EMERGING EDMONDS

   My recently completed mural for the Edmonds Mural Society. Depicting the movement of time from the sepia tones in the towns founding to the B&W of Vern Sill unloading feed for the feed store in 1919, the Cloud family on the 25th anniversary of being the editors of the Tribune Review in 1946, to present day Edmonds with the fountain and people walking her streets.
   Painting the mural had me discovering things about the town of Edmonds that I hadn't realized. I had also met great people along the way. For example all of the helpful people at the Edmonds Museum to people who visited with me nightly along their evening walk through town. There are some super people in the town of Edmonds.

The wall itself was a tough character however. It required a lot of micro scumbling  to cover all the extremely porous texture. So progress was laboriously slow. Accepting the surface finally as a challenge made the painting better. The whole experience was a blast! I loved the challenge.

The concept was to show the cyclical movement of time by using the sepia tone, the black and white, to the colors becoming more vibrant as time progresses. Using the framing as a design of movement.
Atlas Paints- Acrylics 16' X 12'   The whole surface was covered with a preservative sealant.
  Please click on the image for a closer look.


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awesome work - and it surely creates a daily atmosphere for everyone who goes by!

Anonymous said...

HiGreg, Just sent you a message then decided to Google you and Murals. These I googled are fabulous, and I can see the people walking each evening and stopping to visit -- We have stopped in Edmonds and walked the area checking out the artshops. Mary and Jerry D/Spokane, WA part of the Angelic 7's

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