Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cultures of the World Tapestries

Here are three in a series of five tapestries done for the Morning Star Boys Ranch in Spokane, Washington to celebrate cultural diversity and show the richness inherent in their differences. Each tapestry was done on an 8' x 5' loose canvas then sewn at the top and bottom to receive dowels which gave them a scroll effect. The paintings were done with a limited monochromatic palette to both give the feeling of an aged parchment as if they were old maps and to compliment the Murphy Hall's existing color scheme.

After each tapestry was completed I had the opportunity to present them with an explanation of other countries and their cultures. The boys themselves are of a wide variety of ethnicities and each enjoyed seeing their individual heritage celebrated.
Acrylics paints on loose canvas 8' x 5'

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