Monday, September 21, 2009

I.F.: Inner Path (Infinite)

The Inner Path was done originally for PanGaia Magazine. The name of the issue was "Healing Paths" and was exploring different alternative cures and therapies. It seemed appropriate for the "infinite" theme this week and reminds me of the Thoreau poem:

Direct your eye right inward
and you'll find,
a thousand regions in your mind
travel them and be,
master of home-cosmography

11" X 15" Acrylic paint on Illustration board


Glaucia de Barros said...

That´s really beautiful!

Art Fan Ako said...

All right! I find the winner here.

lavandula said...

wonderful vision, beautiful colours, I'm enchanted

Indigene said...

I've been back several times! It just keep getting more beautiful each time!

Mighty Kwan said...

You know this is awesome right!! You do don't ya? Don't ya!!?? Well, if not, you have now been told!!! ;)


Coreopsis said...

I like this poem a lot--and the illustration gives us a lot to look for. It seems I'm always wanting to explore these inside/outside kinds of things too.

Greg Hartman said...

Thanks for the commentary everyone! It's really good to hear feedback from fellow artists.

María Giacobone Carballo said...

Dear Greg, I found your site and awesome illustrations by chance or better by synchronicity, working on Henry Thoreau’s Walden, and looking for an illustration for the quote…
“Direct your eye right inward
and you'll find,
a thousand regions in your mind…”
As an introductory quote for my revised webpage : Camino Consciente ( Conscious Path) which is under construction.

I am Maria Giacobone Carballo, author and psychologist, who lives in Argentina. I have a two blogs : &, ( Venus Memories) with the corresponding facebook groups. Plus another facebook profile: Vida Consciente (Conscious Life)
I am reorganizing everything into a single webpage “Camino Consciente” (Conscious Path)
Your illustration “Inner Path” has shaken my soul, it is the most perfect image of what I want to convey (in content) in the new page. I would love to use it in the introductory page with all the copyright requirements of course. I find no email contact in your blog. My email is:

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Love & blessings,

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